The Fan's Seventh Anniversary Party is a hinted party in Club Penguin that is suppossed to start on February 26th, 2014. It was announced by The Fan (MarioFan7589) on a Twitter post. It had said the following:

  "@DarkHQCP; nope! Even better! I'm planning

  my first ever anniversary party! The party is for

  my seventh year as of being on YouTube!"


  • There will be cake, and two exclusive free items, which are:

The Fan's 7th Annerversary Background, and

The Fan's 7th Anniversary Souvenir.

  • The background in the party isn't really given out by mascots. As if you met a mascot at the party, you would get their old background, but since Lulu is new, she will have the same options on her playercard, without the "Gift" simbol.
  • This is the first national event to go to a mascot's igloo and have a party there.


The box

The box found at the party.