Custom BG 4

The Fan (MarioFan7589)'s background with out the penguin. Note only one bait item.

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The Fan's Background (ID 40017) is one of The Fan (MarioFan7589)'s background. It can be obtained by meeting The Fan (MarioFan7589) at the Adventure Party 2014.


  • It has the 2011-2012 style, even through it's available in 2014.
  • The signature has the most votes for being the "Best Mascot Signature of the Year."
    • Also, the signature is in cursiave, making it the first background that has the font.
  • There is only one bait item, and it's just The Black-Spikes, and his signature item, the Headphones.
  • The bait item to get this playercard is here:

The Fan's Trousled Hair.