Background 1

The Background when meeting The Fan(MarioFan7589) at the Winter Loa, 2013.

 The Fan's Background (ID 36691) is a very common background on Club Penguin. It can only be obtained in-game, and is 60 coins. It can only be obtained by meeting The Fan (MarioFan7589) at the winter Loa, 2013.



  • November 1st, 2013
  • November 19th, 2013

~Where Found~


  • This is the only mascot background to cost coins.
  • This background has the same cost as a regular background sold in the Penguin Style catalog. However, you can only get this background by meeting (

The Fan (MarioFan7589).

  • This item will become very exclusive in the future, as it is the 2nd background that has been the shortest amount obtaining it.
  • When the background is unavailable in-game, hackers even can't get this background, as Club Penguin knows this will become rare.
  • Instead of this item to become rare in 3 years, it will become rare in only 3 months.


Background icon 1

The inventory icon.