The Fan's Annerversary T-Shirt Sovenire

The T.Shirt

 The Fan's 7th Anniversary Souvenir is a T-shirt. It can only be obtained at The Fan (MarioFan7589)'s 7th Anniversary Party in a little mini box on February 26th, 2014.


  • It is part of the T-Shirt Collection.
  • The tag reads "T.F.," for "The Fan."
  • It is similar to the ones that The Fan (MarioFan7589) and his girlfriend, Lulu13747, had worn at The Fan's 7th Anniversary Party, but those were bait items.


The Older Icon as if it were to be available in 2005. (But was available in 2014.)

The Fan's Annerversary T-Shirt Souvenir (Old icon)

What it would look like if it were to be available in 2005.