September/October: Edit

The Halloween party is back with Gary visiting the island! It is unlikely that it will be starting in September unlike the other Halloween parties, which all started in October, but it will still be great! The Halloween party will start on September 28th and will end on November 2nd.There will be a candy scavenger hunt and we will collect items after we find candy! We will transform into ghosts, zombies, werewolfs, and vampires using the monster maker 3000! Then On October 19th we celabrate 11 whole years of club penguin! The coffee shop is decorated with a red and yellow cake plus an 11th anniversary hat and backround for everyone to collect. The hat and backround is red and yellow too! The Anniversary starts on October 19th and ends on November 2nd. Plus we have the 2015-2016 yearbook!


November: Edit

The Music Jam returns with Cadence and the penguin band visiting the island! There will be a music cruise like in 2014, it will be awesome! Unlike all of the music jam parties which all started in June or July this one will start in November! It starts on November 2nd and ends on November 30th. And then the casa fiesta and the night club rooftop return! Since the puffle wild was not around back when the casa fiesta was last seen at the 10th Anniversary party, if club penguin put the casa fiesta in the ski village it would have replaced the puffle wild but instead they will put the entrance at the dock and the music cruise entrance at the dock as always. And the night club rooftop entrance will be at the dance lounge as always.

December: Edit

The Holiday party returns with the Merry Walrus visiting the island according to Megg. It is with holiday lights and the Santa's sled will be back! On the the club penguin app the sky will be day time and online it will be at night time! Also the migrator will be at the beach as always! It will start on November 30th! Although this party will be the same as last year's because club penguin is making an epic party in January!



Club Penguin Tell us about this information themselves!!! ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IS TRUE! :D Epic Edit

A lot of these parties seem super fun, and others will be.. interesting. What were your favorite and least favorite parties from 2015?

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