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Here is parties page 1.

Mascot Party - Chance to meet every mascot except Penguin Band. (January 16 2013)

Valentines Day Party - First Valentines Day Party. Mascot is Aunt Arctic. (February 14 2013)

The Great War of Club Penguin - Herbert attacks. Not yet confirmed. First time to meet Jet Pack Guy. (March 6 2013)

Server Testing 2013 - Moderators Only! Test for New Servers. Free Server Selection Shirt (mailed). No Mascots. (March 26 2013)

Happy77's Birthday Party - Happy77 turns 40. Mascot is Happy77 (becomes mascot). Not yet confirmed. One day only. (May 4 2013)

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt 2013 - Hunt for new Card-Jitsu game. Mascot is Sensei. (May 16 2013)

Celebration of Nature - Release of Card-Jitsu Nature. Mascot is Sensei. (May 20 2013)

Summer Party 2013 - Summer Party returns. New colors will be released, Tan Brown and Sunburn Orange. New Mascot Pgees, The Stamp Collector. (June 15 2013)

Club Penguin Cracks - Penguins move to Rockhopper Island (Not Forever). Mascot is Rockhopper. (July 4 2013 Tragic Day)

Island Expedition - Discover Rockhopper Island. New puffle is found, Maroon Puffle. Mascots are PH and Rockhopper. (August 3 2013)

Club Penguin Rebuilt - Rebuild Club Penguin. New rooms will be discovered. Mascots are Rookie, Gary, Jet Pack Guy, and Dot. (August 18 2013)

Back To School Party - Penguin Kids go back to school. Mascot is Aunt Arctic. Not yet confirmed. (September 6 2013)

Halloween Party 2013 - Night of the Living Sled 4 release. Mascot is Gary. (October 28 2013)

Night Club Extensions - Night Club is rebuilt to be bigger. Mascots are Cadence and Penguin Band. (November 18 2013)

Holiday Party 2013 - Merry Christmas! Mascots are Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic. (December 24 2013)

New Years 2013 - Happy New Year! No Mascots. (December 31 2013)

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